Becoming the best you ~ 1

Simply put, people with I Can attitudes believe in themselves.  They believe that fulfilment and happiness are not only possible, but also an expected way of living.  Indeed, this I Can attitude advances the individual towards positive outcomes, the realisation of goals, the fulfilment of dreams and overall wellbeing.  One very cool aspect of this thinking is that it is really quite easy;  a little I Can goes a long way and even better is that a little I Can generates even more I Can.

 There is no switch you can flick to go from being negative to positive.  It’s a multifaceted process involving many different issues, but one of the key issues is to develop an I Can attitude.  I Can people get things done because they never consider why they can’t do something.  The only thing that stops any one of us from having happy and fulfilling lives is that little voice inside our heads that tells us I can’t.  But why do we think that way?  Why is it that the vast majority of us are limited in this way?  From the moment we are born most of us are conditioned to accept that we will spend our lives working for someone else, making just about enough money to get by.  This is an average lifestyle.  So, by the time we are old enough to go out into the big wide world our aim is just to survive.  If we dream of anything better, chances are we will come up against our I can’t attitude and put the dreams to one side.  Yet, despite this, there are still people who go on to extraordinary achievements and phenomenal success.  How can these people manage to achieve success in this environment which encourages us all to be average?  What makes these people different?  One of the most important things about these people is their attitude.  Somehow, they have managed to overcome the I can’t attitude.  When they dream of what they could become, they don’t say I can’t and find all the reasons why not.  Instead, they say I Can and sure enough, they do.

 To make the most of life, you need to be able to live it to the full.  People with an I Can attitude know that life is

  1. A journey.  I Can people know they will probably make mistakes.  If they do, they don’t make a big deal out of it.  They accept the mistake, learn the lesson and move on.  They understand they have experienced an opportunity to learn something new and that if the lesson is not learned, life will come back to teach it repeatedly until it is learned.
  2. Not to be taken to seriously.  Taking life too seriously makes people uptight and stressed.  Laugh, have fun.  Recognise and accept that nothing is perfect.  Life comes in all shapes and sizes.  It’s a variety of experiences to be enjoyed.  I Can people make sure they enjoy it.
  3. Not just survival.  I Can people have realised the truth to a happy and fulfilling life.  It’s not about just getting by; it’s about having a dream and knowing you are going to get there.  The I Can person knows why she is here and understands her purpose.  Whether that purpose is to teach kids football or write a bestseller, the I Can person does it with two feet on the ground and his eyes fixed firmly on the destination.

 I Can people also recognise;

  • My glass is half full, not half empty.  I said earlier that in reality we grow up in an environment where our expectation is merely to survive.  This is an incredibly pessimistic outlook on life and surely misses the whole point of life itself.  In such a downbeat atmosphere, is it any wonder so many of us think I can’t and are dominated by the fear that things will go wrong?  Life depends on how you look at it.  The I Can attitude does not acknowledge pessimism and instead is that of the optimistic realist.  I Can people are aware that things can go wrong because life is like that, but that does not stop them from trying out opportunities to take them to better places and better opportunities.
  • I am not alone.  I Can people are aware that other people are more than willing to help them.  This is because the world reacts to sincerity in a way that a person reacts to a child.  There is no trickery involved.  I Can people are agents of change for the better, not hesitating to help others who are also on the way or seek to find the way.  Help yourself by helping others.

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